Dunk Reps

-What is Dunk SB

Dunk SB's full name is "Dunk SKATE BOARDING". "DUNK" was once just a basketball shoe, but with the help of AIR FORCE1, it has now been transformed into a series of DUNK skates. Once upon a time, it was basically a basketball shoe that stuck well to the floor. Now dunk is a combination of air variation technology and a thick tongue, aka zoom air. zoom Air stands for "shock cushion," also known as zoom, and is often used as a shock absorber in nike's top sneakers. A nike dunk sb like this is becoming a mainstay in Nike skates.

-Why buy Dunk reps

As we all know, the production quantity of Dunk is limited, and many people who like it can't buy the StockX Dunk, so they have the Dunk reps. Later, everyone called it Rep Sneakers. And Dunk reps will be of the same quality and shape as StockX Dunk, but it will be a lot cheaper for everyone to buy the right kind of shoes.Every customer who's ever bought dunk reps says it's pretty good.

-Where to buy a Dunk reps

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